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Top Tips / 3 Ways to Light Up Your Bathroom Remodel

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Like any good interior design team, we love light! Making a room beautiful, comfortable, and exceptional is as much a matter of illumination as it is decoration, and knowing how to work with different sources of light is especially crucial in a bathroom remodel. Here are some thoughts on the three primary sources of bathroom light:

  • Ambient and Overhead

Overhead lighting is important, but ideally it isn’t doing all the work for the room. Rather than focus on a fixture that can get light into every cranny and corner (hint: there’s pretty much no such fixture, unless your room is a sphere) focus on finding one that helps “fill” the space while also adding warmth. Sunken track lighting, rice paper or frosted glass fixtures, or perimeter lighting can all create both soft, ambient glow and useful light. We also recommend pendant lighting, which does more to scatter the direction of the light while also adding a beautiful centerpiece to your ceiling.

  • Mirror and Vanity

K&L Interiors / McCown Road Master BathroomThe way you light your mirror can have a big impact on your experience of your home. After all, most people both start and end their days in front of their bathroom mirror, and you want to be able not only to see yourself well enough for the myriad grooming and hygiene rituals of most adults, but you also want to feel at ease. One of the most important considerations for vanity lighting around a bathroom mirror is balancing the shadows. Often, homeowners will elect to install a single downward-facing light above their mirror, which will actually cast shadows on the face and, depending on the fixture, even expose the face to the bare bulb when directly underneath. We recommend using vertical lighting on either side of the mirror to create an ambient, fully-illuminated space that doesn’t feel harsh.

  • Windows

Windows are a crucial source of light that a lot of people forget to count. A perfectly lit bathroom is impossible to achieve without natural lighting—if you’re planning a major bathroom remodel and you don’t have many windows, maybe you should prioritize those over installing new artificial lighting systems. We’ve found that placing a window in the shower is an especially nice way of getting light into a dim area, making the space feel more open, and providing a little scenery for your daily ritual.

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