K&L Interiors

Founded by Kelly Lyons and Lauren Hockema, K&L Interiors is a full-service design firm that handles projects ranging from furniture and accessory selection to remodels and new home construction. The firm is made up of uniquely skilled designers who bring their distinctive style and expertise to their projects. At the core, we value integrity by working hard with honesty, ethics and empathy as well as keeping an open door policy when it comes to our pricing and procedures. We believe that designing a client’s home should be a collaborative and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Because you can’t get what you want unless you know what it is, the designers work hand in hand with you to determine what exactly you need, both functionally and stylistically, and create a plan for getting there. To round out our projects, we partner with accomplished architects and contractors to achieve exceptional spaces that match your vision and harmonize with your lifestyle.


Kelly Lyons

While working for two top Seattle design firms, Kelly produced numerous residential projects locally as well as internationally prior to co-founding K&L Interiors. Kelly has spent time studying interior design in France and Italy, as well as Eastern Europe, and travel continues to heavily influence her work. This is apparent in her artistic detailing and ability to blend a mix of styles and periods. She is dedicated to creating distinctive and unified spaces that exceed client expectations.


Lauren Hockema

Lauren honed her design skills while working for several residential and commercial interior design firms before co-founding K&L Interiors. She is driven by a meticulous attention to detail both when creating architectural elements and in furniture and fabrics, which lends to an overall cohesive quality in her work. Influenced by her design background, Lauren is inspired by a range of design styles and works to bring them together to create unique spaces for her clients.