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Inspiration / It’s All in the Built-In Details

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One of the ways you can instantly tell a home was built thoughtfully are those unique little touches that are built right into the home itself. When you walk into one, you’ll spend as much time noticing the construction and design as much as any of the furniture. Maybe it’s a stained glass window, a unique lighting system, a wrought iron cabinet, or a hidden wine rack that catches your eye, but you know immediately that you’re in a home with a lot more individuality than something prefabricated and made as quickly and cheaply as possible.

If you’re planning new construction these kinds of touches are easy to integrate at the beginning stages, but if you’re planning a remodel you can still incorporate unique built-in details that feel authentic. Not only are you usually able to innovatively add more space to your home and make the most of its square footage, but built-in cabinets, nooks, or shelves will give your home more character and make it feel more like yours.

Here are a few ideas that we like, and for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board on built-ins!

Hidden Storage


  • Not only will you find hidden storage spaces convenient for yourself, but you’ll probably also find that they make the eventual resale of your home easier. Everyone loves surprises, especially when they help conceal clutter! We love this hidden wall storage inside a paneled built-in from Providence Design, but there are endless opportunities, such as the space under the stairs or window benches, in corner kitchen cabinets, or vertical pull-out shelves.

Abandon the Rectangle

rectangles rect2

  • Have you ever noticed that most of the angles in a home are 90 degrees? The doors, shelves, cabinets, windows, hallways, walls, stairs, and more! Adding a few different shapes or angles to your design creates instant distinction. Check out how much these triangular lines transform this Emily Henderson bookshelf, or what a difference the curved wall cut makes in this built-in shelving from Meme Design.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

wall light

  • This whole set-up from Plum Design is custom, from the inlaid white shelves set inside the wall to the large glass doors on the cabinetry. The lighting is also exceptional—using wall-mounted lighting is a great way of not only creating more ambient, flattering light with less glare, but also allowing you to illuminate things that matter to you, like your reading nook or curios.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities for incorporating built-ins and other creative details into your remodel or home design, contact us at K&L Interiors—we’d love to hear about your project!