I worked as a lead for a contractor on a project with Kelly and Lauren remodeling a master bath, a kitchen and misc. other areas of an entire house. They were extremely organized to the point where all my sub-contractors were raising their eyebrows with how much of the information was already detailed out for us, making our jobs much easier. Communication is essential in working out details in a high-end project and Kelly and Lauren are extremely responsive to get back to clients and the contractor. I would use them myself and recommend them to anyone out there!
Dillon, General Contractor
I’ve worked with Kelly and Lauren for 8 years now. They are very professional, artistic, and gifted. And they do it in a warm and friendly way. I’m very impressed with this design firm.
Cheryl, Ann Sacks Account Representative
K&L was a godsend. I won’t even think of what may have happened with my remodel if they hadn’t come to save the day. Their talent, expertise, creativity, and professionalism, are second to none. Kelly and Lauren’s patience and responsiveness with me was stellar. I love their upbeat, fresh, and positive energy. I am so glad that their touch, and their sound, solid guidance, provided so much warmth and delight into my home. Cannot recommend K&L Interiors highly enough. You’d be lucky to have these lovely designers work with you. They are top notch.
Arianne, Homeowner
A successful home remodel is a team effort! Kelly and Lauren of K&L Interiors were amazing, and easy to work with. They are two smart women, creative, patient, and fun. Their process included an initial walk through of my home followed by a conversation with the contractors about budget, style, feel and color. They grasped my eclectic style, sensitivity to color, and created areas in my home that met my needs esthetically as well as practically. I am pleased with the way they incorporated my travel collectables with the new furniture and color palette. My home feels refreshed and the mood is relaxing. They worked in partnership with my contractors, bringing samples of everything from cabinet selections, countertop materials, carpets, and furniture, etc. Bi-weekly meetings assured that we, (contractors, designers and homeowner) stayed on the same page throughout the several month remodel project. I liked the straightforward and clarity about financing and payment. I gained a new appreciation for the artistry involved in interior design. I love the new home K&L helped me to design! I highly recommend them if you are going to remodel, or need a superior interior design team.
Deborah, Homeowner