How To | Incorporate White

How To | Incorporate White

For as long as I can remember, people have been giving the advice that you should never paint a room white. I image the reason for this is that white has long been perceived as blah or boring, and color is so much more exciting. My answer to this school of thought: NOT SO! When used in the right way, white can add vibrancy and character to interior spaces, as well as create balance and allow the eye to rest. To further validate that white is a viable color choice, paint companies Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both chose whites as their colors of the year for 2016. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate white into your home’s design scheme.

Tone on Tone

A tone on tone color palette is perhaps one of the most difficult to successfully achieve, but often can be one of the most beautiful when done well. This style is all about simplicity. Layering whites produces a bright, crisp and clean look. To add complexity, play with texture – both visual and tactile. This living room from Tamara Magel incorporates visual texture in the marble coffee table and tactile texture in the shag Moroccan rug. The designer has also added a funky mid-century floor lamp that, because of the tone on tone lamp shades, integrates seamlessly into the space instead of screaming for attention.

Tamara Magel

Neutral Backdrop

Another great option for incorporating white is to let it act as a neutral backdrop. Painting walls white creates balance and lets your individual furniture and décor elements stand out on their own without distraction. In this sophisticated living room from Alyssa Kapito Interiors, the white walls quietly recede into the background. Even with mostly neutral furnishings, the décor is able to stand front and center.

Alyssa Kapito

High Contrast

On the other end of the spectrum, white can be used as a high contrast accent against a dark backdrop. This approach creates a dramatic effect. Again, balance here is key. When used sparingly in a space, this style can create a great focal point. In this sitting room from Lee Ledbetter & Associates, white sofas are incorporated into an otherwise dark space. The result is an intentional pop of contrast that draws attention without feeling overdone or busy.

Lee Ledbetter & Associates

White can be a great addition to your home. If you want to know more about how to incorporate it into your space, contact us! We can help with paint colors, finishes, furniture and fabric selections to make your home more balanced and bright.

Emily HendersonK&L Interiors