Fill out the questionnaire on our contact page and tell us about your project. We’ll make an appointment to come out to your home for an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your needs in detail. This also gives us a chance to assess your space in person and consider some initial design ideas. If our team is a good fit for your project, you’ll sign a Letter of Agreement and submit a project deposit, then we dive into design.

We’ve fine-tuned our process so you can go on with your life while we take care of the nitty-gritty details. Of course you’ll be involved at the beginning when we explore and set your style direction. You’ll be providing feedback during design review meetings and construction walk-throughs. And, there may be a time or two where we visit showrooms to see design options in person.

Our professional training and experience gives us the insights that help you make informed decisions right from the start, so you don’t end up wishing you’d done things differently. It also allows us to keep your project on track for a timely completion. Interior design services are not inexpensive – making wise choices and keeping the project progress moving swiftly is important. We’ll also recommend timeless and quality solutions that make your investment look beautiful and last for years.

For construction projects, your contractor will most often be the one purchasing finishes, fixtures, hardware, and building materials. We will procure decorative items like lighting, wallpaper, carpet, and window coverings, as well as furniture.

Our project plan will outline who’s responsible for each item. When we purchase, you’ll receive a proposal before orders are placed. We’ll start ordering once you sign the proposal and we receive a deposit.

Even if your remodel project involves rearranging the layout of a space, we have the experience to take on that project without an architect. We would get a structural engineer involved when walls need to be moved or opened up.

If you’re planning a remodel that includes an addition, we’ll work with your architect to provide the interior architectural design. And if you’re building a new home, we’ll work as a team alongside your architect so we can successfully marry the exterior and interior design.

We’re two ladies who love design, we’re passionate about creating amazing spaces, and we aren’t afraid to make a joke. On our days off, you’ll find Kelly taking her dog Brooks for a walk or enjoying craft beer on the patio. You’ll find Lauren cooking a delicious dinner or working in her garden. And pretty much every day we can guarantee there’s a mug of coffee involved.

Still have questions for Kelly and Lauren? We’d love to hear from you!

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