How To | Get Your Dream Closet

How To | Get Your Dream Closet

Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, you’ve made many New Year’s resolutions in the past, but rarely follow through. This year I am trying something different and it starts with my closet! I am choosing a new goal for myself each month, like keeping the sink clear of dishes or remembering my re-usable grocery bag when I head out to go shopping. The idea is to do something small that will make life a little easier and give the feeling of accomplishment!

How to Get your Dream Closet

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My January goal is to achieve closet nirvana! Right now it’s not terrible, but it could definitely use some work. Sometimes pulling out a sweater turns into an avalanche and grabbing a pair of shoes ends up to be a rock slide along with 5 minutes of me shoving things back in so I can close the doors. I’ve mapped out a plan for getting the dream closet in the exiting space I have. Keep reading to check it out, you too can get your dream closet.

The first step will be reducing the amount of things I own. I will start by removing everything (hanging items, then folded items, then shoes, then drawer items) and creating two piles: things worn in 2015 and things not worn in 2015. Anything in the “not worn” pile that is lightly worn can be taken to consignment shops or donated to charity. Older worn out items will be discarded (with the exception of specialty pieces or things of sentimental value like my grandmother’s dress). Next I will evaluate the items in the “worn” pile and decide if I like them enough to keep for 2016.

The second step will be reorganizing the things I decide to keep! This may involve some purchasing of bins, dividers, shoe racks, etc. in order to get the most out of my space in the most accessible way possible. Look at what you own and how best your closet space can be re-worked (this is where playing a lot of Tetris as a child comes in handy!). For example, put long hanging items like dresses, pants and jackets in one area divided up by item type. Then, put small bins below for purses or line up flat shoes and low boots. For short hanging items like shirts, use the double hang method: install one rod 36” above the floor and a second rod 30” above the first one to give you extra hanging space. If extra hanging space isn’t needed, then add some open shelving or drawers for folded sweater storage.

How to Get Your Dream Closet

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The last step will be returning everything back into the newly designed closet. When I pick outfits for myself I start with the color that I want to wear, then tailor my outfit around it, so I like to have my closet organized by color. Then within each color it’s divided up by item type. Take your time and think about how you pick out what you’re going to wear when getting dressed. Do you think about temperature first? If so, I suggest grouping your pieces by type, i.e. sleeveless tops, short sleeved tops, long sleeved tops, etc. instead of by color. Do what suits you best and enjoy your new closet!

Not sure where to start?! Above are some of our favorite closets, which you can model yours after, and below, a few must have closet organizational items.

How to Get Your Dream Closet

1. Wood Hangers – The Container Store    2. White Storage Drawers – Ikea   3. Geometric Scarf Organizer – The Container Store   4. Gray Linen Handbag Bin – The Container Store   5. White Leather Pouf – Serena & Lily   6. Shoe Organizer – Ikea   7. Rose Gold Mirror – West Elm

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