Things We Love | Built-Ins

Things We Love | Built-Ins

One of the ways you can immediately tell that a home was designed and built thoughtfully are the unique features that are built right into the home itself. When you walk into a well-designed home, the details in the construction will stand out just as much as the décor. Perhaps it’s a stunning bookcase or a well-placed light fixture that catches your eye, and you’ll know you’re in a home with individuality and sophistication.

If you’re planning for new construction, these touches are easily integrated because it starts with a blank slate. Even if you’re planning a remodel, unique elements can still be added in a way which feels authentic. Adding innovative details like built-in cabinets, shelving or benches to a home adds character, and helps make the most of its square footage.

Hidden Storage

Not only will you find hidden storage spaces convenient for yourself, but you’ll probably also find that they make the eventual resale of your home easier. Everyone loves surprises, especially when they help conceal clutter! We love this hidden wall storage inside a paneled wall from Lefevre Interiors, but there are other opportunities as well, such as utilizing the space under a staircase, or storage inside a window bench.

Things We Love Built Ins

Abandon the Rectangle

Have you ever noticed that most of the angles in a home are 90 degrees? The doors, shelves, cabinets, windows, hallways, walls, stairs, and more! Adding a few different shapes or angles to your design creates instant distinction. Check out how much these triangular lines transform this Emily Henderson bookshelf, or what a difference the curved wall cut makes in this built-in shelving from Meme Design.

Things we Love Built Ins
Meme Design

Lighting for Built-Ins

The lighting in this design from Plum Design is exceptional, both in how it looks and how it functions. The purpose of built-in shelf lighting is to illuminate and draw attention to the accessories on the shelves, while adding ambiance to the room. There are several ways to light your open shelving, including installing small concealed lights inside each individual compartment, or mounting picture lights near the top of the built-in. Picture lights are our favorite option because of the aesthetic they create.

Things We Love Built Ins

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities for incorporating built-ins and other creative details into your remodel or home design, contact us at K&L Interiors—we’d love to hear about your project!

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